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Trip Ghetaway"Bringing ideas to life like Frankenstein"


I started serious with photography back in 1990 as a young teen, it was a passion I pursued which I found consumed me completely. There's no style of photography I can't do well, though street, and night photography are my strong points. Now with 20 years experience in photography when people look at my photos they ask if they are photo shopped because of the look... When in actuality they are raw images straight off the card.. I shoot with vintage prime 1.4 & 1.8 lenses to give you "the look" everyone looks for.


There were digital cameras capable of recording video in Japan since the 90's where I grew up. This sparked my interest in videography as I found it fun following movement while recording video. Started doing music videos, Vlogs, even underground travel shows with Tisha Cruzan, now I can shoot movies given I have the budget. Have done weddings as well, there is nothing with a camera I can't do, I give more life to life basically.


One day when I was 13 I just started writing music out of the blue, a lot of people liked it. Next I was taken under the wing of various producers in Japan that taught me how to use a drum machine and told me I could make more money in music if I produce my own music. Flash forward I spent a lot of time at Sunrise Studio in Houston where I learned mixing and mastering so from start to finish I can make a single now within hours. Can even have it on iTunes, Google Play, Rdio, Spotify ect within a week thanks to all I've taught myself.